Monday again, what a day

I’m so pleased that today is over.
It’s going to be a really tough week at work. There is going to be a real shortage of staff later this week, there is a residential few days coming up. Obviously children are going too, but it’s leaving us incredibly short for the children who aren’t going.
I’m the only one in my class who is not going, staff wise. I am not looking forward to it at all.
Nothing I can do, just keep going and hope it’s relatively stress free for us all.

We also had our meeting today, it lasted 35 minutes and, as I expected, was not what we thought it would be. It was a praise one person and the rest of us tag along with all her idea’s, despite the fact that her idea’s have caused a lot of problems. I just don’t know what to say really.
There have been a lot of changes and not for the good, especially as I work with special needs children. I have so much I would like to say but it’s hard to say it and maintain confidentiality of all concerned.

I’ve got a lot of ironing to get done. I wasn’t feeling good over the weekend, so didn’t get hardly any housework done, so that still all needs doing.
This weekend we are having a little party for our son’s birthday, we have so much to do, I know it will all be done, but feels like there is a lot.
With the weather looking to being good, the barbecue will be in use. Son is excited about that. πŸ˜€. Husband not so πŸ˜³πŸ˜€.

I started crocheting yesterday. I’ve never crocheted before and it was stitched and unpicked so many times πŸ˜³πŸ˜€. But I’ve done 2 rows, which amounts to about 12 stitches.
I’ll get it finished eventually….. Probably πŸ˜‰.
I actually feel exhausted tonight. I think it’s a mix of feeling under the weather and the added a stress that we currently have at work.

After hearing that both our next door neighbours were moving, we heard yesterday that one side are probably staying put for the time being, which is great news for us. They are good neighbours.

Now the young man is out of the shower 🚿 and wanting to chat,, so I’m off for another day.

Weekend again

I’m so glad that it’s Saturday again.
It’s been a really rough week, we have been so shortstaffed which is incredibly stressful to those who are at work.
We are looking after children with additional needs and support, so just one person down can have a big impact on the day.

Wasn’t helped by me starting with a cold yesterday. But it’s over and I intend to relax this weekend. I’m not worrying about things like housework.
Yes I’ll get the washing and ironing done because it’s school and work stuff for Monday, but everything else can wait for a few days.

We have a meeting at the end of the day on Monday, it should be interesting, I know why it was arranged and by whom, but I think it will escalate into something else. No matter how rubbish I may feel come Monday, I will be at work because I want to be at the meeting.

Sitting here this morning waiting for child to finish his Saturday morning club.
Husband has just wandered to the shop to get me a hot chocolate, bless him 😍(I have to be kind, he reads these) πŸ˜‚

So no plans have been made for the rest of the weekend.
Next weekend we are having a barbecue, yes it’s coming out again, for child’s birthday. πŸŽ‚
We have family and friends coming round on Sunday afternoon for a little party for him.
He loves having family and friends round, he loves the attention and of course being his birthday, it means more presents for him. The boy isn’t daft. 😁

Most people are getting him some form of Lego. He has been into lego for a couple of years and has so much of it.
We all had lego as kids too. It’s one of those timeless things that both boys and girls enjoy.

Our next door neighbour has sold their house, all we know about the new people is that they have no children and this will be there first home together.
The family the other side of us are also going to be selling their house. Honestly it’s nothing to do with us, we are good neighbours, we get on well with both sides. One family needs to move because they need another bedroom. The others just want to move closer to the schools where their children go and will be going.

It doesn’t look good though to say that both your next door neighbours are moving 😁 πŸ€”
I hope whoever moves in the other house will be decent people too.

Well I’m finishing now. Have a great weekend.

What a mad day

What a day!
I don’t know where to start.. I really don’t. It’s been a normal day for us, but we were shortstaffed so had other staff helping us. They don’t know the children the way we do and there were certain situations that we had to deal with, they couldn’t do.

But it’s over and I’m home. I was so pleased to walk through the door today. Washing was all dry, that’s the best thing about the sun β˜€, I don’t need to have washing hanging around the house.
I don’t understand why people use a tumble dryer during the warmer months, when it will dry adequately on the line.

I would love to have a house, at the top of a hill, with a great big long, high washing line, then to drive up the hill and seeing the sheets blowing in the breeze. They’d come off the line uncreased and probably wouldn’t need to be ironed. How great would that be 😁.

Just another thing to add to my dream list. Sad isn’t it when getting washing dry goes on a dream list. Only in the eyes of a wife and mum eh πŸ˜‚.

One more day before the weekend and it’s been a really quick week, unlike last week which really seemed to drag.

I’ve still got to make a start on the crochet, but I think that’ll be the weekend. I really need time to concentrate on it, especially as it’s not something that I’ve done before.

So are we in for a really hot summer this year or will it be, what I would consider as better temperatures?
The thought of those kind of temperatures that we had here last year really doesn’t enthrall me.
We’ll see.

Well I need a drink now. So I’ll finish here. 😁

Tuesday is done and dusted.

Sitting here, just husband and I.
2 cats…. 1 either side of me, trying to do this with my left hand because I’m fussing my gorgeous cat.

Husband has just put Most Haunted on. We record the programme. I used to watch it a few years ago, but stopped. But picked it up again earlier this year. So we watch it in the evening from time to time.

I’ve got a couple of crochet animal kits that I need to do. 😁. I have never crocheted in my life. I know that you use a crochet hook but that’s it. Should be interesting. But I have a lot of people who have offered to help me learn.
I also ordered a kids guide to crochet as well, that arrived today.
I look forward to sitting down and having a go. Probably be the weekend. In the evening, I’m tired and probably couldn’t concentrate enough.

Aldi are getting in a Harry Potter crochet kit this Sunday. I’m hoping to get that because I’d love to make it for my child. Heaven only knows what it will actually look like.

It’s actually been a really good day at work today. We had the play dough out this afternoon and we had such a laugh πŸ˜‚.
I was in absolute hysterics at one point, this made a couple of the children laugh. The more they laughed the more it made me laugh.
It was such a good afternoon.

We have a new teacher in our class, due to some big changes. I’m not sure that a she really knows how to take us.

Only this week and next, then it’s half term, but I’ll be honest it’s felt like a really long term. But it’s not.
Polling day at sons school next week, so he’s got the day off. My parents will be having him again for the day.

The weather has been lovely this past couple of days, but I think it’s going to be changing again.
I’ve got washing to put out in the morning and a little bit of ironing to do.
I’ll possibly do that when I get home tomorrow, while dinner is cooking.
I’m still struggling with being able to keep on top of the housework while working full time.
Suppose it will still be there tomorrow won’t it. It’s not like I’m on a schedule.

Right time to finish now. 😁

Photos and me

We were looking through some old photos yesterday, there are some really good ones, even though I am blowing my own trumpet.
I’ve always been really interested in photography. Not posed ones, but more natural ones. Wildlife, nature, people caught unexpected. They make more natural photos than posed ones.
I’ve had a couple of cameras πŸ“Έ over the years. But I’d like to upgrade my current one. The new ones do Bluetooth, which is great, because I order photos from my phone, to an App called FreePrints.
You just pay for delivery and they are good photos.
I take most pictures these days with my phone. But I’d love a new camera. I had planned to treat myself to one this spring, but I haven’t. I will eventually get a new one. But it’s not a priority.
Photography was something that I would love to have taken up as a serious hobby when I was younger. It was never going to be a career because my heart was set on being a nurse (dream fulfilled)
I wanted a dark room (aging myself now) but that wasn’t practical in our house. Turning my brother’s bedroom into a dark room was never an option sadly πŸ˜‚.

Maybe one day I’ll have the camera and I’ll have that hobby I wanted.

Another weekend hits us

Yay Saturday again. We are sitting outside the hall where our child does his drama group. 🎭 It’s a bit of fun, it’s been really good for his confidence and he enjoys it. πŸ˜€

It’s not something that we had thought of until they had a couple of drama sessions at school, he really enjoyed it… I mean REALLY enjoyed it and his teacher suggested that we look into getting him into a drama group to help him gain confidence.
It has worked, in the year he has been coming on a Saturday, he has changed, he has grown and I don’t just mean physically.

It’s done wonders. It’s 2 one hour sessions in the local community hall. It’s very relaxed, the lady who runs it insists on it being a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, she wants the children to have fun and enjoy it. πŸ˜€

There are lots of parents sitting here waiting, because a lot of the younger children only do the first session. But he likes to do the second session which is more drama 🎭.

It’s not his long term goal 😁. He has said, since he was 3 that he wants to be a mechanic, this is intermingled with being a farmer. 🚜
He thinks if he’s a mechanic he can fix his own farm equipment.
Apparently I’m going to be getting a combine harvester to drive πŸ˜‚ 🚜.
But that can all change.

I’m, by profession, a trained Nurse. I wanted to do it from a very young age and I never wavered, it was always my dream.
Due to childcare issues, working in a school works better for me at the moment. I don’t need to worry about things like weekends or school holidays.
We don’t have to rely on someone else to do childcare for us.
One day I’ll be able to go back to Nursing. It is where my heart lies. Obviously there are a lot of changes in medicine daily, so I’d have a lot to learn again.

I’m on my own this afternoon. Family are off to the Cinema later to see the Pikachu film. I’ve no current plans for later yet. I’ll see how it goes.

They’ve almost finished the first hour, so I’ll finish now. 😁

Have a great day today. X

Roll on the weekend and ponder.

Everyone is home from work and school. The weekend is just around the corner.
Dinner is cooking, hubby is busy in the shed, child is playing with lego, I’m taking a minute out to just jot a couple of things down here.

I was pondering over how much my life has changed over the years. How different it is to what I had envisaged when I was younger.
I’ll talk about it all another time.

I bet if we all looked back, we would find that our lives have gone down different roads to what we were expecting. How many people have thought what their life would have been like if they’d followed another path when life reached a cross roads?
I sometimes do.
But we’ll never know. If the opportunity came up to chose that path again, age and wisdom of life would make the journey different anyway.

All just food for thought really.

It’s Friday again

This is lovely, I’m sitting here, at home, catching up with “The Durrells” and “Victoria”.
Washing out and the clouds don’t, at the moment, look like β˜” rain clouds.

I’ve had a few days off work. Now I’ve been able to get the whole house done without rushing. I’ve had all day to do it.
No worrying about anyone coming in and walking on wet floors or moaning because they can’t get in because of the wet floor.

I’m up to date on the ironing, apart from what is currently on the washing line. πŸ˜€
That will be done over the weekend.

I’ve been asked to rejoin the parent council of the child’s school. I was on the PC but left because I was unable to attend meetings as they are on a Friday morning during school hours, which is obviously no good to me.
I was also pretty annoyed at the chairman.
I asked him to give us all a run down of the last meeting, after about 4 days, he wrote a couple of lines.
I had to get the info from elsewhere.
I spoke to the deputy chairman about it, she wasn’t impressed either. He was also spoken to by the Head of the school.
But it made no difference. One of his roles, that he took on, was to keep us all up to date on all meetings.

Eventually I quit. But I have been approached by other parent council members and asked if I would return. Apparently the chairman is going to be leaving because his child is changing schools.
I’m pondering it. Still doesn’t change that I can’t attend the meetings.

I’ve got hubby texting me from work, he’s on his lunch break at the moment.

I’ll stop so that I can talk to him for a while. 😁

That’s another day over

So as I posted earlier the latest Royal baby now has a name. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. From what I’ve read online through Facebook and other social media it’s got mixed comments. Some love it, some hate it and some are on the fence. But to be perfectly honest, does it really matter?
We all chose the names we wanted for our own children.
Actually I told my husband, pretty soon after meeting what I was calling a girl, if I ever had one and I made sure he knew that it wasn’t negotiable! πŸ˜‚ Thankfully he liked the name anyway.
As a Royalist, it seems strange to not go with a traditional name. But it works for Princess Anne’s family.
They are happy with the names and that’s all that matters.

Anyway, back to normal things…. Not such a busy day at work today, which makes a pleasant change.
Not so happy to see the rain this morning though. I washed the child’s coat because it smelt of bbq smoke, I put it in with other things, but had to have it drying indoors, rather than blowing on the washing line, which I prefer.

At some point I’ve got to clean the windows, it’s a job I really do put off because I really don’t like doing it.
I want them done quickly with minimal mess and fuss.

For a few months several years ago I did a bit of cleaning for people. One man insisted that his windows were cleaned every week, I hated doing it. The rest of it was ok, but not cleaning windows.

I’ll get them cleaned at some point…. 😁

I try and hoover every morning before I leave for work, I hate the thought of coming home and doing it. It’s the last thing I want to worry about at the end of the day. Some mornings I’m running around like a mad thing, other mornings I have a few minutes to breathe before I take child to grandparents and then head off to work.

I don’t drive so have to leave earlier than if I was a driver. I like to arrive at work about 15 – 20 mins early, always have.. It’s time to put coat and bag away, say hello and get things ready before the day really starts. I don’t like that rush when you arrive a couple of minutes early.
I’ve always been like it. I’m very much a 10 minutes early rather than a 1 minute late kind of person.

Well, it’s time to relax before bedtime for me.

2 more days until the weekend. 😁

Royal πŸ‘‘ baby and other news

I’ll start with the news that broke this afternoon. πŸ‘‘ The Royal baby.
I’m a huge Royalist and have been since I was young. So I’m excited by the news and can’t wait to hear the baby’s name.
I equally can’t wait to see the first pictures.
But that’s me… I know they aren’t to everyone’s liking. Not everyone supports them.
I’ll be avidly keeping an eye on the press for the next few days.

Guess what we had for dinner?? Despite the cool weather! I bet you can’t guess….. 😁
We had a barbecue, seemed inevitable given that we have just bought one and we have a very excited child who was desperate for it to be used.
So while he sat outside and ate, because that’s where you eat bbq food, we sat inside where it was warm.
Hopefully that’s him satisfied for a while and he won’t be pestering for another bbq come Saturday.

It’s child’s birthday soon, so we are having family round. We went out this afternoon to have a look at what we’ll need to get and see if we can get it all in the one shop.
It looks like we can, which is so much easier.
We’ll be doing a bbq as well on the day.

Hubby started talking about rodent type pets, we’ve got 2 cats at the moment. We regularly talk about getting another dog, but they are a tie and with us both working it’s not practical.
We had a dog until 4 years ago, when we had to have her put to sleep.
So we wandered into the pet shop today and looked at hamsters 🐹 and their accessories.
Oh my god, the cages are so different to how they were years ago when we had hamsters.
They are bigger and have lots of tubes the animal can run through.

Not sure it’s a good idea with us having cats, especially as the cats have never been around them before.

I grew up with cats and budgies, the cats never bothered with the birds because they were used to them. In the summer I used to stand my budgie cage in the shady part of the back garden and my cat used to lie next to the cage but took absolutely no notice of the bird 🐦.

Not sure these two would do that.
But now I’m thinking hmmm…. A hamster 🐹 😁.

I’ve got washing I need to do tomorrow, but the ironing is all caught up with. Hopefully it will be nice enough for me to put it on the line before work tomorrow.

Work 😯☹️… How did the weekend shoot by so quickly. I’m sure it was only a couple of hours ago that it was Friday.

Oh well time to go and get a sandwich πŸ₯ͺ.

Until tomorrow πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Sunday thoughts

Sunday afternoon. It looks lovely outside but it’s really cold. Washing dried yesterday and today it’s bedding out on the line.We were out yesterday morning, so the afternoon was spent doing housework. While I was busy with the housework, husband and child were shopping. They came home with a barbecue πŸ™‚.
It was always going to happen. It’s never bothered me. We usually just ring a friend and see we’ll be round for a bbq. But now we have our own.
It means that for a party we are having at the end of the month, the bbq, weather permitting, will be in use. Child is extremely excited about it. πŸ˜€.Husband has just popped to the shops, child is busy playing so it’s given me chance to do this.
I’ve got one of the 2 cats curled up next to me.The house next to us went up for sale this morning, I knew that it was going to happen because we were talking about it recently. It does make you wonder who you are going to get moving in.
There is still a big thing in developers buying houses and renting them out. I guess as long as they are decent people, it doesn’t really matter who moves in.Bank holiday tomorrow. Yay 😁. Means it’s another 4 day week. I think we have 3 more weeks at work before the next half term week. Then it’s a longer term leading up to the summer holidays.
We should find out within the next week where we will be working from September. We all move class in September.
I could be working anywhere in the school.
We go from age 4 – 18 and we have a nursery on site too.It’s nice to sit down and just do nothing from time to time. I always have so much going through my head, thoughts, idea’s, plans and day to day things that I need to remember. Although for the past couple of years I’ve had a diary in the kitchen that we all use.
It makes it easier to remember day to day things, especially school things.But I have so much going round my head. Most of the ideas and plans are excellent….. initially…… but once thought through they turn out not to be so workable. So they never see the light of day.
Others are not so bad πŸ˜‚ and I mull them over and over.Well I think this will do for now 😁

Woo hoo it’s Friday

Woo hoo 😁😁
That’s the end of the week finally. Halfway through the week it was a long week but it picked up a bit and it’s gone quite quickly these past 2 days.

I was very lucky to have my mum offer to come and hoover my bedrooms for me today. One less job to do tomorrow.
I’ve still got a lot of jobs to catch up with tomorrow.
I think it’s supposed to be raining tomorrow which is a pain with the washing. It means that I have to hang it all up indoors on the clothes horse.
As much as I am not a fan of the heat…. Don’t get me wrong I love to see blue skies, but I can’t cope with the heat, I do love seeing the washing out on the washing line. I actually prefer those bright but blowy days. Not gale force winds, but a lovely breeze.

I’ll have loads of ironing to get done before going back to work on Tuesday.

There have been a few changes at work today. A couple of staff moves, our boss has moved to a different area and we have a new one. Thankfully she’s as lovely as the one we have lost. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

We have no real plans for the weekend, mainly because we have no idea what the weather is going to be doing. Just because they talk about rain, it does not mean that we will necessarily get it. β˜”πŸŒ§οΈ

I went and voted after school yesterday. I was grabbed by a Tory candidate who used to work at the school, asking who I was going to be voting for!! Then asked if I would vote for her. I wouldn’t disclose to her anymore than I’ll disclose to anyone else who I would /did vote for.
I told her that I wouldn’t promise anything. 😁.

Another couple of weeks and there will be another vote, this only matter to me mainly because it’s the local school that is our polling station, so child will be off again.
Yesterday my parents had him, next time I’m going to see if I can get the day off so they don’t have to keep looking after him for me.
As good as they are, I don’t like them keep doing it. It doesn’t seem fair.
I’ll have to see what work say about it. πŸ€”

Right time to sign off, get a drink and see what is on πŸ“Ί tv. Although I have a few things I want to catch up on.

May already

I’m starting this a bit earlier than normal today. Well I’ve started writing it a bit earlier.
I may add to it later.
Not a bad day today because the person who has been a pain in the neck was actually given jobs to do that meant she had to work.
But she did her utmost to get out of them. Didn’t really work. Although I’m still in 2 minds about I should start looking for another job.

It’s going to be super busy tomorrow because we are staff members down. Should be an interesting day. Sons school is closed because it is polling day and it’s used as a Polling Station. They are also closed again later in the month because of more voting.

Husband is cooking dinner at the moment. I really should be helping, or taking over because he has arthritis in both knees, he works full-time too, but is really struggling today with the pain.

Nice weather again today. I’ll get some washing done in the morning, that can go on the line before work.
It’s meant to be a cold weekend though. But it’s a 3 day weekend so that’s a good thing.

1st May…. Where on earth is the year going. It’s gone so quickly.

Well I’m going for now. I’m off to dish up dinner.

Last day of April already.

What a day… Another not great day.
The problem is that we have a really lazy person at work, she is happy to sit down and do nothing rather than actually doing some work.
Where I work, we have extremely challenging behaviours and all need to work together. This person is really starting to get to me now so I spoke to the boss yesterday.
I doubt much will happen, but when I’m running, literally, up the corridor, knowing that she has not budged off of her seat, it’s pretty grating.

Do I look for another job? Do I stay and hope eventually that she comes a cropper?
This person is very much of the opinion that she is far more experienced than anyone else in the job.
If anything needs documenting, she’s there, of course it looks good to have her name to so many computer reports.

After half term, as we get into the summer, my child’s school will be having lots of different events, some for just the children, some where parents can go along.
My workplace do not give time off for any parental thing. So I’ll be taking a few days sick.
It’s very important for me to be able to attend these things with him.
My parents are great and will go to to anything at the school. But I want to be there with him.
He’s always happy to see nanny which is great, but I don’t want to miss anything.

Nicer weather today, I got washing dry and my mum took the ironing home with her.
I’ve had to wash my boys coat. Being a boy he has been rolling around in the grass at school and heaven knows what he’s got down the back of it.
That’s drying now.

I do look forward to the evenings, when I can sit down and relax.
I’m doing this, it’s taken me ages because we’ve got MOST HAUNTED on tv.
I keep stopping to watch the programme.

Well it’s 8.35pm. So I’m going to finish and relax.